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Okay hold on. Is it just me or do none of the 'a href' links work??
GrimmIchi: Take A Picture -COLORED- by minsra
GrimmIchi: Take A Picture -COLORED-
Black and White Version

Okay so a few of you wanted me to color it, so here you go~

I think it came out pretty good

I was stuck between doing a daytime or nighttime lighting,

I'm happy with what I chose~

And someone pointed out Grimmy's nose was a little off, so I tried to fix it

Keyword: Tried


I gave up after a while, but hopefully it still looks good~!!


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Ichigo or Grimmjow and his sexy ass

Programs: Photoshop CS6
Epic Blackstorm is Epic by minsra
Epic Blackstorm is Epic
So I haven't actually looked up GrimmIchi on Google in a while
and when I finally did, I noticed that Blackstorm had her own Category!

It made me chuckle~

Can we all just take a second to appreciate the level of epicness this must've taken!?

Although I shouldn't be surprised


I want you to know just how awesome this is

You're an inspiration to GrimmIchi fans everywhere

as well as other pairings~

bah I apologize for the rushed grimm-sketch btw

ignore me

I'm just a fangirl being a fangirl

GrimmIchi: Take A Picture. It'll Last Longer by minsra
GrimmIchi: Take A Picture. It'll Last Longer
Yeah so I was in another GrimmIchi mood

Not surprising, yeah I know! Lemme 'lone

But yeah.... I'm not TOO happy with this one, so I might take it down after a while

Idk yet

I mostly wanted to play with perspective views... And I needed to practice feet


Grimmy's face bothers me for some reason

I can't figure out what it is yet


I might want to color it in the future

But for now it'll stay B&W

Done in Photoshop CS6

Disclaimer: I do not own Grimmjow or Ichigo. They are from the anime/manga BLEACH


Here you go: Colored Version
oh gawd.... Really Deviantart?? Should we call you deviantbook now? IS THIS WHAT WE'VE BECOME!!!??
Okay sooooo the lovely :iconkra-zgirl: tagged me in some question-stuff

So I'll go ahead and answer them, but I'm not gonna tag anyone~~~~~ pshhh lol

1) What is your Favorite Pokemon?
PIKACHU! no... fuck no. I'm just kidding
I've always been split between Charizard and Articuno, honestly. 
Dragonair is also one of my favorites (well most dragon pokemon are but whatever)

2) Who's your favorite DA person?
Well there's my good DA friends like :iconkra-zgirl: :iconaiyana231: :iconcjkitty12: (you guys are so awesome! LOVE YOUUUUU!)
and my dedicated fans like :iconsecretuchihalover: :iconjunichiblue: :iconangelsmurf18: and so many moreee (I love you all so FRICKIN MUCH)

BUT... Bleach-Art-Wise... I really enjoy
:iconblackstorm: (pshhh obviously)
:iconishisakifuko: (She's new, but I like the stuff she has up so far and I STILL NEED TO DO A TRADE WITH HER... gah)
:icongrindpantera0219: (I will always love her paintings of Grimmjow_
:iconartistanything: (Cutest frickin' chibis EVER) 

3) Why do you like to draw/write?

For me it was never really "an escape from reality"
This WAS my reality
I just really enjoyed thinking up things in my head and seeing them come to life on paper (or computer now lol)
I write fanfiction because I love fucking with the characters and seeing what I can come up with
If people enjoy it, then that's awesome
Same goes for Doujins, honestly

4) What Cartoon/Anime/Manga character would you pair yourself with?
Grimmjow Fuckin' Jaegerjaques!

5) Do you have a favorite book that isn't a Manga book?
Eragon series
Warriors series (yes the cat one... Don't judge me)
Hunger Games
City of Ember
Uhmm.... and stuff like that

6) What is your favorite American Cartoon?
Is Avatar: Last Airbender considered a cartoon..? 

7) What is your favorite Youtube Channel?
Pfff... idk. I only use youtube to look up gameplays

8) What Anime character do you HATE that isn't a villain?


9) What movie do you hate?
Hate.... doesn't even begin to describe my feelings towards that movie

10) What is your favorite song?
right now I like anything by Adam Lambert or Marianas Trench

So yeah. Now you guys know a little more about me
I feel like we're all so much closer now
  • Mood: b0x0rz-less
  • Listening to: Pandora throwing a bitch fit
  • Reading: Nuthin
  • Watching: Netflix


minsra's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Name- Devonna
Age- 21
In the future i hope to become either an
Animator, Video Game Designer, or
Illustrator. I'm leaning more towards
animator though. I know it's a lot of work
and that it tends to use up a lot of patience,
but i have enough to go around (No thanks
to my little sister) <3
I'm a friendly person to talk to, though i
can become fiercly protective of my
friends. o 3o
I lurve Yaoi (obviously) and my current
Anime obsession is Bleach<33, One Piece<3,
Attack on Titan, Kuroko no Basuke, Skip Beat, Full Metal Alchemist,
andddd.... idk
(Naruto has become a little... meh... But
i still enjoy Sasunaru stories)

Favourite genre of music: anything except rap and country... though i do like SOME of those.
Favourite style of art: Anime! oh yea! And realistic paintings.
Favourite cartoon character: most likelyyyy.... Garfield!
Personal Quote: The only way to make your PC go faster is to throw it out a window.

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What about cali??
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And ah!! Yes. Star brothers :))))
Im actually really proud of it so far! I don't think i've been this excited about writing a fic for a while
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Omg!! Your comics are amazing!!!
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